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Dear Yuletide Writer...

Dear Yuletide Writer,
Thanks so much for writing me a treat this year in my, admittedly, probably rather unknown fandoms. I’m so excited already, whatever you come up with. I hope researching those fandoms won’t prove too difficult since they are rather long-ish (both as books and films). Wikipedia should be ok though for a general overview and for some basic pointers. Youtube has the complete series 1 and 2 of the 2002/03 Forsyte Saga and I’ve also seen series 1-3 of Brother Cadfael on there. If you have any questions... feel free to ask. Have enabled anonymous commenting on this entry for this specific purpose.
As for what I read and what I don’t read… I don’t have any particular tastes, I read everything from het to slash to threesomes, from G to NC-17 and above: the only necessity is a proper and ‘as inclusive as possible’ label at the beginning (aka disclaimer). The one thing which I don’t particularly like are Alternative Universe stories or genderbending stories. What I hate is bad style and it can make me quit reading very fast as can an accumulation of typos, which is due to me working in a professional capacity as writer and translator. Bad style means for ex. also the tone which creeps in when a story is written really fast and in a hurry. I definitely prefer a well-done 100-word drabble to a rushed 10,000-word-story when it comes to style.
Sorry for ranting a bit especially about Brother Cadfael and The Forsyte Saga, to which I also have a bit of emotional involvement. Hence the rant. I just thought it might prove helpful to you. 

Add-on (since I've seen this discussed in the yuletide comm and wanted to prevent you, dear writer, from feeling 'not good' or whatever): The different length of prompts doesn't indicate I love one fandom more than another; I have emotional connections to each of them because of different reasons but I absolutely ADORE all of them. I'm just more wordy in some. ;o)
Fandom: Karl May
Characters: Winnetou (plus whoever you would like to include)
What I would like to read: No special wish whatsoever apart from ‘no Mary-Sues and humour please!’; ‘no humour’ does not mean ‘exclude Sam-Hawkins-humour etc’ but refers rather to the overall tone of the story. This fandom has been with me for 20 years and I’m also professionally involved with the books, so am rather used to the original style/tone/character depiction. I read slash between Winnetou and Old Shatterhand as well as non-slash stories and therefore am alright with tweaking the relationships between characters.
Fandom: Brother Cadfael – Ellis Peters
Characters: Brother Cadfael, Brother Jerome, Aline Siward/Seward, Hugh Beringar
What I would like to read: Plot idea > Brother Cadfael is the godfather of Giles, the son of Aline Siward/Seward and Hugh Beringar and sometimes looks after him. One day something happens to Giles while he is with Cadfael; Aline and Hugh are worried sick and especially Hugh turns in anger and despair on his friend. Out of all people Brother Jerome manages to console Cadfael somehow. All is well again in the end but I would really like to see the thoughts, feelings and actions as well as consequences this has on those characters’ lives. Of course other characters can also be in the story but that was my general idea for the initial setup. I don’t care if you base this on the novels or the TV series but please note that Hugh and Cadfael are best friends in the books only. This is one feature which should be preserved at all costs; the impact on their friendship is what interests me. If you don’t have time to research this pairing (aka here’s prompt option no 2), please check out Brother Cadfael series 3 episode 2 on youtube (first part here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFY2t09IYvk ). One of the characters in that episode is Glover of Shotwick and I would like to read a story which deals with him and Brother Cadfael [based on the fact that the actors portraying those characters -Sir Derek Jacobi and Richard Clifford- have been in a civil union for some years and in a relationship for over 30 years alltogether: I adore both of them and also met Richard Clifford in person spread out over two days once– lovely man, unlike Glover :o) ]. All other details are up to you.
Fandom: The Forsyte Saga – John Galsworthy
Characters: Irene Heron, Soames Forsyte, Philip Bossiney, Jolyon Forsyte (and others)
What I would like to read: I’m basically interested in ‘what if’s’ for this fandom but please stick to het as portrayed in that series (no slash or AU). Like for example: What if Philip had not fallen in love with Irene but stayed faithful to June? What if Irene had jumped out of that carriage when she and Soames are returning from the ball? What if Bossiney did not have the accident at all or did not die at least? What if he managed to get to Soames in the club? What if he had stayed with Irene instead of looking for Soames to confront him? What if Irene had an accident while rushing after Bossiney? What if Soames had forced himself on Irene more than once or otherwise abused her before? What if Jolyon had taken Irene back to his father’s place after informing her of Bossiney’s death? What if only Soames had been called on by the police to identify Bossiney’s body? What if Irene had become pregnant from Bossiney? What if Soames and Irene had moved to Robin Hill after all? It’s up to you to combine as many or as few of these as you like (or come up with others), I’m just interested in how things would have been different, had some events a different outcome. My main reference point for the above and when it comes to visuals is the 2002/03 TV series (for those questions especially episodes 1-4 of series 1) in which Gina McKee plays Irene: she has dark hair whereas Irene in the book is described as blonde/fair for example. Many people don’t like McKee in this role, I absolutely adore her in whatever she does (the most famous film world-wide she’s been in is probably Notting Hill with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts; McKee played the wheelchair-bound Bella), another particular favourite of mine is this film http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MO72bTWMGA with her and Sam Neill. There’s also a nice interview with McKee up on youtube here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3Gb_g9fUPY One thing which also intrigues me about Irene as a character is that once Irene’s married to Soames, her stepmother never appears again. Irene’s mother apparently died some time ago and at the beginning of the series she and her stepmother are in mourning for her father and I also wondered what has been going on in their household to lead to this frosty relationship between the two women and Irene’s decision to marry Soames after all. I’m not entirely and totally convinced by this article about Irene from the book http://www.revistahumanidades.uda.cl/publica/010001.pdf but it might be a tiny possibility. For this fandom style is very important for me since I’ve been in a similar situation to what is going on between Irene and Soames though I was not that far into the whole thing. I don’t have any particular triggers when reading stories (my triggers are more of the visual kind) but I usually quit reading when I feel like not enough thought has gone into how a writer has dealt with rape, abuse and generally violence, by which I don’t mean everyone should feel about it as I do but a story should get across ‘I have been well researched and planed and my characters act in a logical-for-the-story way’.


Dear Yuletide Writer...

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Thanks so much again for reading this and for writing a story for me. This is the first time I have signed up for Yuletide, so I hope I got the right idea of what this letter is supposed to be. I changed the comments setting to 'all comments' so you should hopefully be able to post anonymously if you have any questions.




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