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Dear Yuletide Writer...

Dear Yuletide Writer,

thank you so very much for taking the time to read this and for your willingness to make me happy by writing a story for me. I really appreciate the effort you're making so please regard everything below just as additional information as to what I find interesting and intriguing about these fandoms. This is just an explanation of what I like, am wondering about and so on to give you a bit of an insight and the possibility to make a guess as to what I might enjoy. I realise it is never easy to please another person and I'm grateful for your attempt at pleasing me and making me happy. I hope your secret Santa will do the same for you.

Just one word of warning due to my personal package: I'm generally fine with every content and every rating but if you decide to write anything non-con related (or similarly having a character do something against another character's explicit wish, please either keep the description as alluding as possible for graphic stuff or keep it as describing as possible with no feelings/emotions mixed in. Those can come after. To give some literary examples which are around at the moment: 'The Wilding' by McCann is something which shocks me but isn't graphic and I'm fine, 'Long Way from Paradise' by Leah Chishugi is an autobiography and since I have friends who live in the Congo, this 'issue' has been part of my life since 1997 but 'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' freaks me out that much that I'm sick and need to leave the light on at night even when I'm sound asleep.

The first fandom I nominated is Winnetou by Karl May. I guess the English participants in this fandom are so few that I probably don't have to explain who he is and what the books are about. I'm a fan since almost 20 years and while I'm open to generally everything, I can't stand Mary Sues, parodies or anything similar. Characters which are funny per se (Sam Hawkins et al) can be as funny as they like but the more serious characters (above all Winnetou) shouldn't be 'over the top' funny. The only character which has to be in the story is Winnetou, all the rest is up to you. You can also invent original characters but not a Mary Sue (or any of these 'someone travels back in time/gets there by accident' types). 

The second fandom I nominated is 'Ornen (The Eagle) - A Crime Odysee'. Again, fans are probably so few that an in-depth explanation about the fandom/series isn't necessary. My favourite character is Marie Wied and I got intrigued by Tonica's story 'Once Burned' (http://www.sublunarfields.net/fanfiction2/onceburned.html) which is the last part of a three-part story arc but which can also be read on its own without any problems. She describes a growing affection between Marie and Nazim and my mind started to wander a bit. What would happen if Marie were in love with Nazim for real but due to the disaster with Halgrim she doesn't want anybody to find out and keeps it a secret? What if she got an anonymous letter one day for ex. and things begin to get bad? How far will she go to protect her secret and Nazim? This can either be before Berlin where Nazim dies or you can also take another road after Berlin where he didn't die.
The third fandom I nominated is again so small that people are already informed about all the bits and pieces: It's Szentivaneji Alom. The people I have in mind are first cast Oberon and Helena (though nowadays visually I also like the second cast Oberon a lot) and the idea was basically as to what might happen when Oberon gets into a sticky situation and Helena is the only one who could help him then. Kudos points if there's pondering about Oberon maybe having to go or wanting to go back to the fairyworld, even if that would mean splitting up with Titania.

The last fandom is the only one which has a genuine English basis (since I see Alom more as a spin-off from the Shakespeare play with regards to how the storyline goes). It's Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier, though you don't have to draw on that book alone by any means if you know other 'renderings'. I know the original book of course, the sequels 'Mrs de Winter' by Susan Hill and 'Rebecca's Tale' by Sally Bearman as well as the Hitchcock film, the 1979 series with Jeremy Brett, the 1997 two-part version with Charles Dance as Maxim and the Italian two-part version 'Rebecca, la prima moglie' from 2008 which is the most recent one. And of course there's the Levay/Kunze musical. My favourite character is Mrs Danvers and I'm intrigued by the little nuances in the books and the films. My favourites in that respect (disregarding the original novel for the moment) are 'Rebecca's Tale' because of how her death is portrayed in that novel and Diana Rigg's rendering of her in the 1997 version when you regard the character for the moment in relation to all the rest. I don't see Mrs Danvers as a mentally unstable woman who only wants to make Maxim and I suffer but rather as someone who has lost someone dear to her heart, who grieves but who can't grieve properly together with others because everyone else is keen to forget Rebecca as quickly as possible and move on and that's where her anger and revengeful mood comes from and (this only applies to the 1997 version) when she sees everything going to pieces by finding out Maxim murdered Rebecca, she tries to commit suicide by laying fire to her room (this is what I get from watching Diana Rigg and even Maxim and I are much more empathic to her in that version to the extent that Maxim runs into the burning building to try and rescue her). There is also nothing in the original book to indicate she died in the fire so in that sense her death in 'Rebecca's Tale' seems much more 'natural'. My other favourite actress is Lilla Polyak, who plays Mrs Danvers in the Hungarian musical version. 

But I'm wondering: how comes she's so dependent on Rebecca? What happened to her in her life before Rebecca married Maxim and she came to Manderley with her? Du Maurier only alludes that apparently Rebecca's father hired her as some sort of governess for his daughter but what's the background story to Mrs Danvers?

Thanks so much again for reading this and for writing a story for me. This is the first time I have signed up for Yuletide, so I hope I got the right idea of what this letter is supposed to be. I changed the comments setting to 'all comments' so you should hopefully be able to post anonymously if you have any questions.





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